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UpFixer believes getting work done around your home or property should be simple. Here’s what to expect when you hire us for the job.


Schedule Your experience

Scheduling service with one of our local teams is easy. We are your one-call solution for all your home improvement and commercial maintenance needs!

You can also begin the scheduling process through our online website on the contact us page.

We ask that you be home during the scheduled appointment unless special arrangements have been made with us ahead of time.


Meet Our UpFixer Expert

Once we have scheduled an appointment time with you, you can expect us to stick to this time. The technicians at UpFixer arrive when they say they will!

The handyman assigned to your project will be specifically trained in the type of workmanship needed for your project.

They will also show up wearing an UpFixer uniform and provide professional, friendly service from start to finish.

Before they begin any work, they will review the job with you to confirm the length of the project and the price for completion.

With an average of 10 years of experience in their trades, our handymen are always ready to help.

If a job or schedule requires the assistance of more than one of our technicians, we will make sure to review this with you!


Get The Best Of Our Services At Your Door

When it comes to completing the work, our technicians are happy to use any materials or products you supply.

Want a certain paint used in the kitchen? Prefer a specific tile or light bulb used in the bathroom that you’ve already purchased? Not a problem!

If you need additional materials for your job, we offer a few options:

  • Your handyman can pick up any necessary materials for you for an additional fee.
  • Your handyman can begin on the project while your do the shopping for additional materials.

You can be confident knowing that your property is protected when you call on UpFixer. All our technicians are fully insured for accidental damage and have workers’ compensation.

That means if one of our handymen is injured on the job, you are free of liability.

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